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The library offers a collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and access to electronic resources for use in preparation of assignments, projects, research, and reading. It is our desire for your visit to the library to be informative, useful, and enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in person, by phone, or by e-mail. The following information is provided to assist you in accessing both the library and the information resources available through the library.


Visiting the Library

Students are encouraged to use the library and may do so during the following times: Before school, after school, during recess, or even during class (provided they have a signed pass from a teacher). Individual students and groups must check-in with their teacher and get permission when coming to the library regardless of the purpose of their visit. Individual students entering and exiting the library are asked to sign in and out of the library on the clipboard provided.
*Remember, if you come to the library and fail to report to class and get your teacher's permission first, you are cutting class, regardless of the reason for your visit. If the bell rings for another class while you are in the library, you must report to your next class on time as well. Checking in with your assigned teachers and receiving permission to come to the library and to remain in the library is a student responsibility, and it applies regardless of why you are in the library.

At times, entire classes will visit the library. Teachers will share with students these dates and class periods as well as whether students should report directly to the library or to the regular classroom first. When a student enters the library as part of an entire class, he/she should bypass the sign in and sign out clipboard. Please remember to enter and exit in a quiet and orderly manner whether you are alone or with a group of other students.

Please note that all reading classes are scheduled to come to the library every other week to check out books. This ensures all students have a scheduled opportunity to check out books on a regular basis.


The library is a place of learning and student behavior should be reflective of this so that all library users have the ability to focus on their studies and be productive. School rules and the student discipline policy apply within the library just as they apply in all other areas of our school. Please be considerate of others by being on task in the library and communicating in a quiet inside voice when necessary.

In addition to these typical school expectations, please remember library etiquette. If you pull a book from a shelf then decide that you do not want the book, either return it to where it belongs or place it on the red cart to be re-shelved. It is better to leave a book out for the library staff to shelve properly than to carelessly put a book in the wrong place making it more difficult for another student to locate it. We appreciate your assistance in regards to this request.

Computer Use

Students are expected to abide by District Two's Internet Policy while using the computers in the library. In order for a student to access the Internet, a "Student Acceptable Use Agreement" should be on file and signed by a parent or guardian giving permission for the student to access the Internet at school. Please note that school computers and access to the Internet are intended for educational and research purposes; such as, completing assigned reports and research and accessing the online card catalog through Destiny. Any student accidentally accessing inappropriate information on any website, should immediately minimize the site and inform the library staff without calling other students' attention to to the content or website.
Chromebook Assistance
The library serves as the Chromebook help desk at our school. For Chromebook assistance, students are encouraged to visit the library from an activity class with their teacher's permission. Recess time right after lunch provides another ideal time to seek assistance for any device problems. Sometimes, it may be necessary for us to keep a Chromebook for repair. If this happens, students should utilize a desktop computer in their classroom until their device is repaired and returned to them.

Students are encouraged to pay any assessed deductible repair fee within one school day of turning their device in for repair and being notified they have a repair fee. Fees are typically assessed only for damage such as cracked and/or shattered screens, for liquid damage to the Chromebook, or for removing keys intentionally as evidenced by the missing underlying rubber dome pieces (which makes it a non-warranty repair).

If paying the full amount of the repair deductible (typically $25) is not possible, parents should contact Mr. Galloway, our assistant principal at 253-5700 in order to make payment arrangements as soon as possible.

If students have not paid the repair fee or had their parents make payment arrangements, then they will be unable to pick up their device when it is repaired, and students will need to continue using desktop computers in their classrooms.

Repairs are completed onsite at Rainbow Lake Middle School by a vendor company so the time frame is very brief with most repairs being made the same day or within three or four days if parts must be ordered.

Remember, students should treat their Chromebooks with care as they are breakable. The case should remain on the device at all times in order to protect the device just as it was originally issued to each student. Students should refrain from picking and pulling at the keys on their Chromebooks and from intentionally pulling or removing the rubber pieces underneath a key if it becomes loose. The first two incidents of accidental damage will result in a $25 repair deductible charge per incident for the device. The third incident of accidental damage or any incident of intentional damage or neglect will result in the entire repair or replacement cost being charged to the student.

Significant damage to the Chromebook case may result in the student being charged for a replacement case as well, which is a separate $20 charge. If a student loses their cord, there is a $25 cord replacement fee, which can be paid in the library at the time the student receives a new cord.

Lost or stolen Chromebooks should be reported to the library, even if the device was lost someplace other than at school. Students are encouraged to back up their files to Google Drive. Sometimes devices are damaged in such a way that they are unable to back up at the time they are turned if for repair. Therefore, it is important to back up on a regular basis.
Library Material Loan Periods
All fiction and most non-fiction books in the library may be checked out for a two-week period and may be renewed one time, unless there is a waiting list for a particular book. Certain books may be reserved by teachers for projects and these books may be temporarily restricted from check out by students. Such books would be available for use in the library or classroom only to ensure that many students can have access to the material.
Library Fines for Damaged, Lost, & Overdue Books  (Directions for accessing DESTINY)

The following directions will enable students and parents to login to Destiny to view the list of library books that are currently checked out to students as well as any that are marked as damaged, lost, and overdue. If lost books or late/overdue books are returned in good condition, there will be no money owed. Students, who owe for any damages to library books or are unable to locate lost books or books listed under items out, will need to pay the appropriate fees listed. Please note if  lost books or items out are returned in good condition, there are typically no fees charged to students.

Using a web browser, visit Destiny

Click Log In

Click Log in using Destiny

Enter the student’s username (first part of the student’s school email, which typically ends with a 2 digit number)

Enter the password (the student’s lunch number)

Click Log In

Click My Info

A page will open showing you Items Out, which lists the books your child currently has checked out and needs to return in good condition.

Directly underneath Items Out, you will see Fines.

Most often the books listed in Fines are simply books that have been checked out for a while and need to be returned in good condition so that the student will not owe for the book. A small fee, typically under $4, may be charged for minor damage to a book. For more severe damage to a book such as a liquid spill on a book or a lost book that cannot be located to be returned to the school, the student will be charged the replacement cost of the book.

 Please contact the school librarian if you have any questions or need any further information. 

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